Follow safe work practices for direct client care

Brooke Lombard
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Safety is a universal concern that applies across all industries and roles. Following safe work practices ensures that employees are protected from harm, reduces the risk of accidents and injuries and promotes a healthy and productive working environment. In support work, it ensures that both caregivers and clients are protected from potential harm and helps in providing high-quality care, maintaining a healthy environment and respecting the rights and dignity of clients. This course applies to all workers who require knowledge of workplace health and safety (WHS) to carry out their own work, in both centre-based and home-based service provision. 

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • follow safe work practices for direct client care
  • follow safe work practices for manual handling
  • follow safe work practices for infection control
  • contribute to safe work practices in the workplace
  • reflect on own safe work practices.