Special Interest Courses

Looking for a unique course that doesn’t fit into one of our other categories? Check out our range of special interest courses you can complete to further your knowledge and skills in a more unique or specialised area. Keep an eye out for new courses as we regularly add new ones each month.

Special Interest Courses
An introduction to Gestalt Therapy

An introduction to Gestalt Therapy

Unleash your curiosity with our online Special Interest courses. Access a range of courses about unique topics. Dive into the extraordinary.

Discover Unique Learning Opportunities with Our Online Special Interest Courses

When the traditional doesn’t quench your thirst for knowledge, our online Special Interest courses step in. If you’re seeking a unique learning experience that ventures beyond the typical categories, you’ll find a wealth of opportunities in our range of Special Interest courses. Whether you’re looking to broaden your skills in a niche area or delve into something completely new, we’ve got you covered. Keep an eye on our platform as we are always adding fresh, engaging courses.

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At Innovation Academy, we celebrate the modern learner. Our courses are fully online and self-paced, offering you the flexibility to control your study schedule and environment. Dive into what you like, when you like, and how you like.

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Whether you’re looking to learn for personal interest or to add a unique string to your professional bow, our Special Interest courses offer an enriching learning experience. Stay updated, innovative, and engaged with our ever-growing range of unique topics.

Who Are Our Special Interest Courses For?

Our Special Interest courses are designed for individuals across the globe seeking to upskill, broaden their knowledge, or start a career in a unique field. These courses are also ideal for learners aiming to diversify their expertise in niche categories.

Discover the extraordinary with Innovation Academy’s online Special Interest courses. Upskill, innovate and broaden your horizons with our unique learning opportunities.